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We design and build custom sites from concept, each site has its own unique characteristics and is tailored to every clients needs. After the site is deployed, we will help set up your PPC campiagns as well as develop a full scale SEO campaign to promote your new site across the internet.

Already have your own site? Excellent.

We can help build brand awareness online through our SEO campaigns. We'll tweak the back end of your site to be more search engine friendly. Brickpixel will build keyword dense content, and build more access to your site through serach engines, reaching a larger audience.

After all, what good is an awesome site without traffic?


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Communicate clearly, and effectively.

Our print design services are unmatched. Often the design extends beyond what you can see in a digital file - plastic business cards with clear accents, heavy cardstock in place of something thin, matte finish paper with glossy elements.

Make your print materials stand out, in these days where digital rules - Do not under estimate the power of a nicely designed, well thought out piece of print.


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Wether it's subtle innuendo hinting at an object inside of an object, or the strong bold statement; your logo should speak into the spirit of your brand. Logos are a key factor in creating a foundation for how people view your identity.

We go through great lengths to find the right voice for each client we work with, gathering as much information about your industry, and delivering something that will compete on a national level.